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Stadtentwicklung in Istanbul

Eine internationale und interdisziplinäre Gruppe von Forschern hat eine sehr lesenswerte Publikation zur Stadterneuerung in Istanbul veröffentlicht. Unter dem Titel „Living in voluntary and involuntary exclusion“ beleuchten die Beiträge insbesondere die zunehmende Segregation in Europas größter Metropole.

Istanbul has always been a world city. The capital of two successive Empires, Byzantine and Ottoman, Istanbul was a glorious imperial city from the fourth century to the early twentieth century. As a locus of cultural diversity, one of the merits of its urban culture was in its imperial way of cultivating modes of co-existence between different ‘worlds’. Today, once more, it takes its place in the forefront of the global scene. Yet, as a global city, it has become an arena of excruciating inequalities and intransigent divisions. Now is the time to recover the city’s gift to develop new creative modes of co-existence, but this time in such a way that it can offer to all its inhabitants equitable access to its generous urban resources.

Unter den Beiträgen finden sich mehrere Interviews, die für den Dokumentationsfilm „Ekümenopolis“ geführt wurden.

Download: » Istanbul: Living in voluntary and involuntary exclusion (PDF, 22 MB)



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