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urbanoINTERNATIONAL #1: Guerilla Gardening in Oslo

by Linn-Marie Heimberg

Guerilla gardening has become a worldwide phenomenon. Even though the word guerrilla has an aggressive tone to it, it refers to something as peaceful as gardening. Guerrilla gardening is gardening on someone else land, both public and private that is left unused. Guerrilla gardening can be seen as a very political act in some cases, an only as a hobby for a gardenless gardener in other.

Guerilla gardening has also reached Oslo, the capital of Norway. The most organized group was started after an initiative in the Norwegian Permaculture Association. Many enthusiastic souls are now working together, or alone, to make the city greener. They garden in forgotten city gardens, intersections or other places craving a green touch. They use the city as their kitchen garden planting fruits, vegetables and beautiful flowers. Guerilla gardening Oslo is a social movement with no membership. Guerrilla gardening is something anyone can do at anytime. Even so, a group of people has decided to organise themselves and others to make guerrilla gardening a social event as well. The group has a blog and operate a facebook site. They initiate gardening sessions, and also work to collect and spread information on possible gardening sites in Oslo. The also spread information and inspiration from similar movements around the world.

Guerilla gardening Oslo takes form of both idealism and pro-activism. Greening the city is driven by the want for beautification, but more so from an environmental and sustainable development perspective. Guerilla gardening is putting nature back in the city wherever it is possible, and also growing food in a sustainable way. It is a community activity bringing people together in greening activities.

In the two years the Guerrilla gardeners have been active online in Oslo more than 16 guerrilla gardens have appeared all over Oslo. The group has organised bike sightseeing to visit all the known guerrilla gardens, it has inspired an art event growing a kitchen garden outside one of Oslos largest art museums. But first an foremost it is a movement where everybody can contribute on their own terms, and if willing, can plot their guerrilla garden on the blogs google map.

For more impressions see also the flickr album of geriljahage.


Linn Marie Heimberg from Norway (29) is advisor on sustainable development. She is interested in the management of natural resources and sustainable development. She studies Urban Management Studies at TU Berlin in the first semester.


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  1. What a grand idea! Johnny Appleseed of modern times! Shall we start a similar ‚guerrilla‘ movement here (in the spring, that is)? Thanks for the information… and inspiration for putting the mark of our own green thumb on our communities.

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